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Personal Safety and Security for all

Rapid Location Emergency Response

Bringing Safety To You

Monitoring and Response provided by:

Secure Solutions Ltd

Command Rooms

Rapid Response
In-Vehicle Console

The Buttons That Save Lives

Bluetooth button in action
  •   Miniature Bluetooth device
  • Remote steath app activation
  • Works up to 10m (33ft) from phone

is a service uniquely designed to provide on the ground Rapid Location Emergency Response to you for any live emergency: accident, health, fire or crime. Its use cases include but are not limited to:
  • High-risk/Special care individuals:
    • Politicians.
    • Executive officers.
    • Business owners or other VIPs.
  • Observe money bags in transit.

Our central response center operates 24/7 * 365 for:
  • Individuals of all ages
  • Organizations:
    • VIPs
    • Remote Workers
    • Fixed remote asset monitoring and security
  • Hospitals:
    • In-patients and out-patients
    • Geriatric Homes
  • Security:

ResQ topology diagram

First responders are alerted in the zone you are located and are dispatched to find you, using rich real time information, your personal online
profile, GPS location and cell site connections.

You get Live Notifications whenever events occur near to you. You will also be able to see a history of emergency events which have occurred close to where you presently are.

You will be able to provide useful information in text, images and video of any emergency event.

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"Protect yourself and your family, don't be a victim.

Be a positive influence, be part of the change."

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Rapid Location Emergency Response Yes Yes Yes
Tele-Medical Assistance
Anywhere Anytime Response: Yes Yes Yes
To Crime Yes Yes Yes
To Health Issues Yes Yes Yes
To Fires Yes Yes Yes
Roadside Security NoNo Yes
Alerts of incidents near you: Yes Yes Yes
Of Crimes In Progress Yes Yes Yes
Send Video Evidence Yes Yes Yes
Chaperone (From ResQ)NoNo Yes
Bluetooth buttonOptionalOptional Yes

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Family plans provide discounts making the ResQ service affordable for all.

Prices may vary due to Bluetooth button purchases.

Self-Defense Training

We at ResQ believe not only in providing a software infrastructure for empowering you to get in touch with authorities and become aware of incidents around you in a heartbeat. We also believe that you, or valued customer, should be enabled to take quick and decisive action to defend yourself from those who want to do harm to you and/or take the hard-earned valuables from your hand, and even take your life.

When you are face to face with an attacker, there's very little that software can do to make them re-think their position. That is where self-dense and martial arts come in.

Here, we invite you to enroll at our classes for the Israeli military martial art: Krav Maga.


krav maga action
krav maga action
krav maga action
krav maga action

Next Generation Coming Soon: Wearables

Waterproof Personal Mini 3G GPS Tracker


  • Works with Android
  • Works with iOS
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Internet, GSM and GPS for location tracking
  • Waterproof
  • SOS alarm button
 bluetooth button alarm markers global 


  • Bluetooth, Cellular and GPS for location tracking
  • Can track anywhere on Earth
  • Works well on stationery or moving targets
  • Panic/Alert Button
Micro GPS with Panic Button.
Mobile phone not required for operation of this device.
samsung gear smart watch samsung gear smart watch worn on arm home screen


  • Works with Android
  • Works with iOS
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • GPS and   for location tracking
icedot crash sensor helmet icedot user interface 


  • Works with Android
  • Works with iOS
  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • GPS for location tracking
  • Impact-based alert trigger


What we offer and what you stand to gain


A Trusted ResQ™ service to inform and respond to any emergency you may encounter.


Your peace of mind is most important to us. Providing a level of care and at 24/7 * 365 that no one else can, wherever you are.


Our emergency response covers a wide scope including health issues, fire, personal assault, injury and kidnapping.


Professional response supported by reliable technological systems is our priority.


Reliable software in conjunction with state of the art technology puts us at the forefront when it comes to your protection wherever you may be.


Expanding the potential of your mobile phone with optional accompanying wearable device to ensure your complete personal safety.


To care enough to provide professional first response on-time wherever there is personal danger.


Integrating technology, emergency responders, and persons in distress to provide the best opportunity to save lives and property.